Starting a new business can be a lonely journey. You are expected to do almost everything and do it right from the word go. But, you need not bear all the burden alone. We, at Pilani Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Society (PIEDS) strive to provide the best of guidance and support. Some of the incubation activities undertaken and successfully delivered by our team our

Help build Networks – Getting an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and experts in their domains can give the founders invaluable insights into their business domain. The connections you make here can help your business grow.

Access to Resources for the Community – Resources like legal advice, manpower, workspace etc. are available to our community from the best providers. Regular meetings and feedback from the community ensure their best utilization.

Peer to Peer Communication – An extremely critical step to traverse the learning curve, you get sessions with your peers who may be experts in their field.

Mentoring and Counselling – One-on-one sessions for focussed counselling on your business, with our mentors, can help you learn a lot from their vast experiences.

Funding Support – The most important support for a start-up, funding is available on case to case basis.