Starting up your own business with a ground breaking idea is exciting. However, as the idea starts gaining momentum, there is a possibility of competition copying the idea and passing it off as their own. We at Pilani Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Society (PIEDS), help the start-ups in our ecosystem against such a risk, by assisting them in filing for patents. Some of the patent related activities, we provide for our members are

Information about Patents – A lot of detailing goes into filing for a patent and you need to provide genuine evidence for claiming your work. Our team of experts help your start-up with that. From the need of filing a patent to the cost of filing to the legal and documentation support required is provided.

Patent Filing for the Company – For those who find the whole process daunting, our team of legal experts help in counselling and verification of the application. If required, our team can do the actual filing of the patent applications.

Patent Fees related Funding Support – Filing of patents, though a mandatory activity is still quite expensive in India. We assist our incubated companies to get the right funding for covering their patent filing dies.